2019 Stupka Student Speakers

Emma Vontalge is a junior majoring in biochemistry and minoring in Spanish. She has worked as an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Dipali Sashital’s lab since the summer of 2017 studying the interaction of CRISPR-Cas6 protein domains upon interactions with RNA using fluorescence resonance energy transfer. Emma is the President of Sigma Kappa sorority. After graduating, Emma plans to pursue a Ph.D. in biochemistry.

Emily Juhl is a junior majoring in agricultural biochemistry. She has been actively involved in the BBMB community by serving as both keynote speaker understudy and keynote speaker chair for the Stupka Symposium Planning Committee. Emily also serves as the President and captain of the Iowa State Women’s Rugby Club. For the past two years, she has been working in Dr. Alan Myers’ lab studying maize endosperm metabolism. After graduation, she plans on either entering a career in agricultural biotechnology or obtaining an M.S. degree in plant pathology or plant breeding.

Jacqueline Ehrlich*^ is a junior majoring in biochemistry and minoring in nutrition. She has previously been actively involved in BBMB by leading as a peer mentor, organizing Breakfast Club, and serving as a co-chair for the Stupka Publicity Committee. Recently, she has been planning for Stupka 2020 as a co-chair. In addition, research continues to be her number one passion. Jacqueline studies the xyloglucan synthesizing complex and biosynthetic pathways in Dr. Olga Zabotina’s lab. She will continue to follow her research dreams in graduate school, with the hopes of continuing in academia.

* Denotes Stupka Scholar

^ Denotes Linder Scholar