Stupka 2020 Student Speakers

Brodrick SevartBrodrick Sevart is a sophomore in chemical & biological engineering. He has worked in the lab of Dr. Stone Chen since January of 2019 studying the linkage of radical oxygen production to the regulators of actin polymerization. After graduating, Brodrick plans to pursue a PhD in biological engineering or to go on to the pharmaceutical industry as a protein engineer.

Sarah GramboSarah Grambo^ is a junior in biochemistry with minors in French and genetics. She was a member of the Iowa State Marching Band Color Guard for two years before leaving to dedicate more time to the Biochemistry Department. She is now leading the Stupka Registration Committee. Sarah is passionate about research and has worked in the lab of Gustavo MacIntosh for over two years. Her project investigates the relationship between soybean plants and soybean aphids through analysis of soybean cuticle lipids. She will continue researching in graduate school and intends to continue conducting and directing research in the future.

Olivia GrayOlivia Gray is working to complete a major in biochemistry and a minor in history. She has been actively involved with the BBMB department, specifically as vice president for BBMB Club and as t-shirt chair for Stupka in previous years. Since her sophomore year, Olivia has been exploring her interest in research by working on the tuberculosis project in Dr. Honzatko’s lab. Olivia’s plans for next year include attending University of Minnesota -Twin Cities for medical school to continue her dream of becoming a physician.

Kayla UtheKayla Uthe*^ is a senior in biochemistry with a minor in environmental studies. She is a research assistant in Dr. Olga Zabotina’s lab, where she is involved in the study of the xyloglucan synthesizing complex formation in the plant cell wall. She is currently one of the Co-Chairs of the Stupka Symposium Planning Committee, Secretary of the BBMB Club, and has been a B&B learning community peer mentor. After graduation, Kayla plans to pursue a career in industry.

Sarah Zelle*^ is a senior in biochemistry and genetics with a minor in anthropology. Since May 2017, she has worked in Dr. Eric Underbakke’s lab researching determinants of membrane association in the synaptic GTPase-activating protein, SynGAP. Last summer, she worked in the lab of Dr. Manuel Ascano at Vanderbilt University studying the RNA-binding protein ELAVL1. She is currently the Stupka Symposium Planning Committee media chair and has been an undergraduate instructional assistant for Genetics Laboratory and a B&B Learning Community peer mentor. After graduation, Sarah will attend graduate school at Vanderbilt University and eventually have a career in biomedical research.

* Denotes Stupka Scholar

^ Denotes Linder Scholar